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TheBestMotherFuckingPorn.com's movies feature Annette Haven, Arcadia Lake, Desiree Cousteau, Jesie St. James, Linda Wong, Rhonda Jo Petty, Seka, Sharon Mitchell, Shauna Grant, Angel Ducharme, Bonnie Holiday, China Leigh, Cris Cassidy, Gail Sterling, Kristine Heller, Laura Lazare, Laurie Smith, Lee Carroll, Paula Wain, Sandy Pinney, Susan Nero and Tracy O Neil (the sexiest women to ever grace the silver screen of porn). The well hung men of Billy Dee, Eric Edwards, Hershel Savage, Joey Silvera, John Leslie, Johnny Keyes, Jon Martin, Mike Ranger, Paul Thomas, Randy West, Ron Jeremy and Tyler Reynolds put on scenes so hot the air in the room must have made everybody sweat. Classic and Vintage Adult Porn movies at their best!

"A Film for Lovers" - "Charli" features Annette Haven and Jesie St. James as two women who every man is longing for. Charli is bright, young and beautiful, she's the kind of woman you want. "Charli" is a love story, a real love story.

"... Truly Beatuiful and Erotic...a step above the ordinary. Linda (Wong) is a very Sensuous lady." is how Hustler describes the movie "China De Sade". The story of Ming Lee, a ex-Red Chinese spy who falls into the company of a cruel commander while on assignment. She leaves her country and moves to the US and is pursued by a super secret government agency. To find out more check out "China DeSade".

A bizarre mirror of inner desires..."Reflections" with the sultry Annette Haven, described by Bruce Williamson of Playboy as "... works some mischief and is gorgeous". While on vacation to her cousins house with Kristine Heller and Paul Thomas she joins in the party and lets loose both her secrets and her inhibitions while all plotting a dasterly deed. "Reflections" is the twisted passions of uncontrolled teenagelust...reflect the fantasies of youth!

Shauna Grant stars at "Suzie Superstar", the up-and-coming Rock Super Star at the top of the charts. Her manager is overbearing and controling of her. He controls every aspect of her carrer, from the inner working of the stduio to the bedroom, adventures with sex, betrayal, money and love. A good solid story with superiour film making and gorgeous sex scenes. "Suzie Superstar" earned all of the awards and accolades it received.

"VCX Diamond Collection" showcases sensational perfromances by classic stars of the Vintage adult era, with footage from the glorious heyday of adult entertainment. Superstars are featured in this cavalcade of carnality! There's a bit of every kink featured in "VCX Diamond Collection, an ultimate trip to classic XXX entertainment
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